Certification, auditing, verification and training services related to integrated management systems, business processes and system integration

Company Profile

Independent certification body based in United Kingdom

Company Profile

Verification 4 Systems, Ltd. is international independent certification body based in United Kingdom, providing services within the areas of certification, auditing, verification and training. It is young and dynamically evolving certification company. Its' endeavour and primary goal is to provide supreme professional services. We have close cooperation with Canadian certification authority - PECB.

The spectrum of our services guarantees long-term customers' optimization and further development of processes and structure, which leads to substantial cost and time savings. Verification 4 Systems, Ltd. uses highly qualify and experience auditors

Company policy

  • Provide customer service with the highest professionalism so as to fulfill their expectations.
  • Always openly communicate in partnerships with each customer.
  • Develop our processes to greater efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Use innovative ways of management and communication between workers V4S and also with customers.
  • Provide certification that is recognized as a symbol of credibility, based on the competence of all personnel at various levels of management of V4S.
  • Use single approach to all customers.
  • Ensure personal development of all V4S staff.
  • Continuous quality improvement activities and services of our company, based on the exchange of information from interested parties.

Company impartiality

  • Decisions as they are based on objective evidence in assessing customer management system.
  • We donť perform others services to clinets which have our certification of management systems, like advisory activities or internal audits.
  • Impartiality in the decision on certification is ensured separation of powers and responsibilities of the lead auditor and the head of the certification body that decides the outcome of the certification based on a review of documents supplied by the lead auditor and the client.
  • Impartiality in the conduct of audits is ensured by the fact that our company chooses to perform such audits, auditors who certified the company was not connected to any commercial undertaking. The auditors also authenticated by the signature on the order of the auditor for the audit and the auditor's statement on the signing of an impartial and fair hearing ( including IRCA code of ethics ) . All auditors are self-employed.
  • Persons who have relatives in the audited organization or confidential relationship can not carry out certification because of the potential threat to impartiality.
  • The senior management of our company is personally engaged and committed to control company so as to ensure impartiality. Declaration of impartiality are maintained in document QM - QualityManual and politics.
  • What identifies, analyzes and documents the potential for conflict of interest arising from the implementation of certification activities.
  • Our company does not provide certification services to companies that are in any ownership relationship.
  • Our company is a separate entity.


QMS Certification Services Pty Ltd.

QMS Certification Services, is a highly acclaimed organization for audits, certification and training, which works in the field of management systems. QMS Certification Services, accredited by JAS-ANZ Australian, also specializes as a training authority. QMS Certification Services staff has extensive and varied experience both as auditors, customers and trainers, thus bringing a unique sense of value and service.

With a wide range of services including certification body: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS and HACCP Food Safety, atc.

Trainings: IATC external auditors, QSA internal auditors, etc.

QMS Certification Services has the resources and ability to add value other than "core business" activities and that through a better understanding of areas outside the basic technological aspects of the organization.

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Management of complaints and appeals

Certification body ( hereinafter " CO" ) is committed to handling all appeals , complaints and disputes in accordance with documented policies and procedures binding. The aim is rational resolution of all cases arising from the fact that the parties are immediately aware of the relevant course and records of these cases
  • Complaint - is disagreement customer with the procedures of the certification body
  • Appeals - disagreement with the decision of the certification body .
A customer who is not satisfied with the procedure of certification of management systems , may lodge a complaint against the procedure at any time of the certification process

A complaint may be filed

During the audit of the lead auditor, who is obliged to solve within their competence. If a complaint can not be resolved to the satisfaction of the customer , performs lead auditor record that is part of the documentation for the audit. In addressing this complaint further proceed according to the procedure as if the complaint was sent to the CO -mail.
  • By written form to CO. Quality Manager CO will register a complaint and acknowledge receipt of the complaint, the organization within 3 working days.
  • Head of certification body assesses the complaint and informs the decision in writing to the complaining within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.
  • If the customer does not agree with the conclusions can be made up to 14 days after receipt of the document in an appeal against the decision of the CO in written form.
  • If the organization does not respond to the complaint within 60 days Quality Manager at CO urging representative of resolving the complaint.
  • CO receives and evaluates all signals from customers as incentives for improving their own system through corrective and preventive actions.