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Normy ke zlepšení řízení lidských zdrojů – ISO 3040x

Standards for improving the human resource management – ISO 3040x

If people are the most valuable company’s assets, so it makes sense to make them the center of company’s focus which thus becomes a recipe for success. New series of ISO standards aim to not only improve the process of recruiting new people but also to an overall improvement of company’s activities through human resource process. Studies show that high-performing human resource department with effective management and recruitment process is directly linked with higher economic performance of organization and thus plays a key role in instilling corporate vales through the company’s workforce.

The new series of standards for human resources aim to help HR department to improve their performance and thereby improve the performance of the company as a whole.
ISO 30408 Human Resource Management – Guidelines on human governance - provides guidance how to structure an effective human resource management system that is able to respond effectively to organizational and operational needs of the company.
ISO 30405 Human Resource Management – Guidelines on recruitment - Provides guidance for streamlining the recruitment process in the company.
ISO 30409 Human Resource Management - Workforce planning - helps companies more effectively respond to current and also future staff requirements.

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