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Privacy policy

Security of your personal information

Usage of www.v4systems.com server does not require any personal information. If the visitor is interested in using some special services of www.v4systems.com server, he will be asked to perform simple registration includes giving some basic information, the protection and possible usage specify the following paragraph.

Some data, given during using www.v4systems.com server are personal data in accordance with Act No. 101/2000Sb. on Protection of Personal Data, as amended (the Act). Company Verification Systems Ltd 4. is fully governed by this Act and makes every effort to ensure that the personal data of users www.v4systems.com protect the server.

Using registration informations:

  • Registration requires you to enter some important details for further communication with the customer.
  • Any data that the user provides during their registration, are stored on a secure server.
  • The data provided are intended only for responsible employees of Verification 4 Systems Ltd. company and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Server www.v4systems.com and its operator - Verification 4 Systems Ltd., reserve the right to use e-mail addresses of visitors to send information about news and new services www.v4systems.com. Each registered user has the right to receive such messages from the server www.v4systems.com any time, prohibit, either already at the initial registration or answers to any of the messages sent.
  • Verification 4 Systems Ltd. will do everything in its power to protect user data server www.v4systems.com from abuse and will provide third parties. This obligation does not apply to information that may require Police of the Czech Republic or other state authorities in accordance with applicable legislation.

Expansion of required informations:

  • In the case of competitions, quizzes or other similar activities www.v4systems.com the server is allowed to demand more personal information, in accordance with applicable legislation needed to verify the identity of the person involved in the action , or by way of organization needed to raise awareness any distribution of contest results will not be granted. These expanded data will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Any information that the visitor provides on www.v4systems.com server to third parties for the purchase of goods, services or other activities mediation by www.v4systems.com server are protected by the rules of the partner and are not covered by this arrangement.

Rights of www.v4systems.com server user

By law, any user who has provided personal data, the right to ask operator (company 4 Verification Systems Ltd) to provide information about what personal data about him are processed.