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ISO 10006

Project management

ISO 10006

This international standard is a guideline for application of quality management in projects. I can be used for projects of various complexities, small or large, short-term or long-term, for various environments regardless of project or process type, which could require some adjustments of guidelines so it would be appropriate for specific project.

It is well known that two point of view exist for application of project quality management: project processes point of view and project products point of view. Non-performance of either above mentioned points of view could considerably affect project products, project customers and other interested parties and also project organization. Creation and maintenance of process and product quality in project requires systematic approach. The goal of this approach is to find out if defined and anticipated customers’ needs will be understood and satisfied, if the other interested parties’ needs will be evaluated and understood and also if the company’s quality policy will be taken into the account when project management is asserted.

The entire effort at project solving is to be able to compete, to satisfy customers’ technical, operating, aesthetic, security, ecological, reliability and most of all economic requirements. Standard prompts the complex view on execution of a project, also the view on expenses planning and appraisal of risks because submitted management system is not related to organizational security but on project management. ISO 10006 standard includes rules concerning managing the company, fundamentals for processes relating to resources – employees, means of realization and financial resources, fundamentals for monitoring and implementation, analyzing and improvement.