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ISO 14001

Environmental management system

ISO 14001
ČSN EN ISO 14001 – the main goal of this standard is to support the protection of the environment and to prevent the pollution with regard to social and economic needs. Company which wants to obtain this certificate has to create, document, implement and maintain the environment management system and continuously improve its effectiveness. This standard could be applied on every type of organization, could be used for both services and manufacturing sector.

The benefits of this system are advantages in communication with government agencies, providing evidence about the thriftiness to environment, consequential observance of legislature concerning the reduction of possible ecological accidents and also reduction of financial penalties from infringement of the regulations.

ISO 14001 can be interesting for you from all number of reasons:

  • conformity with the legislative laws
  • competitive advantage (improvement of company’s image in relation to community and fulfillment of customers’ requirements, marketing tool, easier dealings with banks)
  • risk reduction
  • cost saving
The basic requirements are implementation, documentation, exercitation and maintenance of environmental management system and its continuous improvement.

The benefits of certification according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:

  • determination of all environmental activities, which can influence the environment – their management, monitoring and improvement
  • minimization of the impact from company’s activities on environment
  • responsibilities of company’s employees on every level and every function towards environmental protection
  • effect on operating expenses
  • prevention against damages to the environment and to the company’s operating activities, insurance reduction
  • demonstration to customers, government agencies and public company’s interest for environmental protection
  • indemnity and fulfillment of all legislative requirements