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BS 16001

Energy Management Systems

BS 16001

The aim of this European standard is to assist organizations in creating management systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiency. This should lead to reduction of costs and greenhouse gas emissions through a systematic approach to energy management.

The standard specifies requirements for the energy management system in order to enable organizations to create policies and objectives which take into account legal requirements and information relating to significant energy aspects.

Standard is intended for all types and sizes of organizations, regardless of their geographical, cultural and social conditions, i.e. it can be applied in heavy industry, in the hospitality industry or government.

BS EN 16001 will help you create systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiency to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions through systematic management of energy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cost reduction - reduce energy expenditure through a structured approach to identifying, measuring and managing of your energy consumption
  • Improvement of business performance - increasing productivity for effective solutions by identifying and influence behavior change to reduce energy consumption
  • Involvement of top management - position of energy management in the boardroom is presented as a key business problem
  • Compliance with legal requirements - you will meet the current or future mandatory energy efficiency targets and / or legal requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions - you meet the requirements and obligations of all parties involved - both present and future
  • Integration management system – you will match EnMS with existing management systems for partial benefits