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ISO 16363

Audit and certification of Trustworthy digital repositories

ISO 16363
ISO 16363 is an international standard aimed at ensuring the trustworthiness of digital repositories. Within the repository is expected that the information in it will be stored for a long time, and thus they should be in usable and readable form, which can be made available to users.

To ensure the above the ISO 16363 was issued with requirements for these digital repositories. So if we want the repository to be trusted, we have to ensure not only technical solutions, but also financing, in which institution and in what conditions the repository is being operated, how capable is an institution’s staff, what security is present, etc.

As evidence of the conditions being met the independent audit from certification company is performed.

ISO 16363 could be attractive to you for several reasons:

  • guarantee the availability and integrity of data in the repository
  • reliability of depositary’s functions
  • compliance with authorities
  • prestige
The basic requirement for certification is the introduction, documentation, implementation and maintenance of the ISO 16363 standard.

Benefits of certification according to ISO 16363:

for those who finance or store their valuable information in the repository:
  • Certification serves as proof of the capabilities of depositary
  • Rather than a simple yes or no, audits of the established system identify areas that need improvement.
  • Ensuring information for future use, not just assurance of how much and how well are data store for depositories’ managers
  • By introducing and certifying ISO 16363 give evidence about the abilities to users and owners of the depository
  • The system provides information where improvement is needed