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ISO 16949

Automotive standard

ISO 16949

ISO/TS 16949 – it is a system which is especially suitable for suppliers of tangible products for automotive industry. System-compatible with ISO 9001 requirements, which are part of a specification. ISO/TS 16949 is not a standard, it is a technical specification. This specification can be used only for manufacturing facilities, where production components or spare parts are produce. Essential aspects of ISO/TS 16949 quality system are focus on specific requirements of automotive customers and engaging company’s management into the all-level operating procedures. At the beginning, it is very important to specify customer’s quality requirements in terms of product, process and system.

Nowadays, when corporation is certify according to ISO/TS 16949 then automatically satisfy requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, as well as basic expectations of automotive industry manufacturers.

Requirements are tied together with standard ISO 9001 and are featured in VDA 6.1, QS 9000 and ISO/TS 16949.

Benefits of ISO/TS 16949 implementation:

  • prerequisite for entering into the automotive industry suppliers
  • company’s orientation to continuous improvement
  • the ability to fulfill specific requirements of automotive industry customers
  • defects prevention (focus on defects prevention already at the stage of design and product development)
  • reduction of product variability and process production characteristics
  • reduction of damages in supply chain