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ISO 22000

Food safety management systems

ISO 22000
ISO 22000 specifies requirements for corporations in the food chain which has to be fulfilled so the food safety could be guaranteed. The main emphasis is on systems aspect, on HACCP principles and on supportive security measures, such as good manufacturing practices (GMP), good agriculture practices (GAP), good veterinary practices (GVP), good hygiene practices (GHP), good distribution practices (GDP), good sanitary practices (GSP), etc.

This is a first food standard which:

  • internationally authorized, recognized and accepted
  • it includes overall food safety management system – it exceeds the HACCP requirements
  • it can be applied to every organization which intervene into the food chain delivery
  • it includes and support HACCP principles, formulated by Codex
International standard is adjusted to organizations within the food chain system, which want to guarantee their customers that product are produce with above the standard safety requirements.

Benefits of food safety management system implementation:

  • fulfillment of the most discriminate clients requirements (multiple stores and multinational companies)
  • guarantee of constancy within the process production
  • management system improvement, improvement of organizational structure
  • improvement of an order of precedence and efficiency increase within the company
  • expenses optimization – operating expenses reduction, savings of resources, energy etc.
  • increase in customer’s and government agencies’ trust
  • easier acquisition of government contracts