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ISO 27001

Information security management system

ISO 27001

With regard to continuous increasing customer’s demands for information security within organization was elaborate and consequently made for certification usage by third party so the internationally recognized standard was invented – ISO 27001. Information security and ISO 27001 standard are not concerning only with information technology. Just like quality management system, environmental management system and organizational health and safety systems, information security management systems include management, politics, organization and regular revision. Information security becomes a part of an overall organization’s management system, main factors influencing business competition, information and their security are in controlled mode. The system reliability is supported by back up systems, employees are responsible for information security on their work places. Requirement for continuous improvement guarantees long term efficiency in expense management.

Management system according to ISO 27001 standard requirements, is determine to all organizations, which would like to gain not only a competitive advantage but they also want to protect their high value information assets and by that minimize losses caused by their outflow.

Benefits of ISO 27001 implementation:

  • compliance with legislative regulations
  • competitive advantage (improvement of company’s image, fulfillment of customer’s requirements, marketing tool)
  • risk reduction associated with outflow or loss of information
  • cost saving (minimization of unpredictable expenses risks in consequence of outflow or loss of information and also penalties for violation of contractual obligations toward customers)
  • improvement of employees’ awareness (explicitness in responsibilities and authority determination at information treatment within the company)