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Software Audits

Legalization of entire company’s software

Software Audits

Software audit is carried out with the goal of settlement and legalization of entire company’s software. Its main step is complete stocktaking of company’s software and hardware. It might be used for subsequent administration of licenses – so called asset management. When software audit is executed, all computers within the company are detected and entire software which is installed on these computers is analyze in detail. Also the hardware configuration on these computers is analyzed. The results from this analysis are compared to accounting and other documents which demonstrate the legitimate acquisition of software. In the case when these comparisons (between installed software and accounting documents) don’t match the company’s license specialist have to suggest the most suitable way to correct these nonconformities by legalized installed software.

By implementation of software audit you will get:

  • full and detailed software and hardware records
  • lump-sum licenses even up
  • assurance of adherence to appropriate laws and regulations
  • certification of legal software usage
  • elimination of possible dangerous sanctions for copyright and other legal rules
  • routine checks
  • absolute proof towards business partners and public

Software asset management

Software asset management provides complex problem solution for managing company’s software and license policy.

Software asset management offers:

  • creation of functional evidence of intangible fixed assets
  • determination of clear purchase conception and IT usage
  • unification of software platform used within company
  • systematization of license purchase which leads to cost savings
  • reduction of virus occurrence and hazards from the outside
  • shift of responsibility for illegal software installation to end PC users
  • absolute proof towards customers, business partners and public